Always up-to-date, wherever you are

The Archie CRM mobile app is simple and intuitive to use and allows you to work wherever you are, be it at the office, on the road or at home.


Stay on top of what’s happening

When you’re on the road, you still want to know what’s going on with your clients and partners. The handy and unique search feature allows you to find what you’re looking for without waiting around. Whether it’s an open quotation, the handling of a complaint or an appointment that’s been rescheduled. This allows you to work autonomously, while at the same time everyone back at the office has immediate access to anything you enter in the app.

Ease of use

The mobile app makes many actions simple to perform. Scroll through data and menus and swipe to see underlying information or perform an action directly. To log a call, simply use voice input. The words you dictate are automatically converted into text. You can also easily track hours worked and work performed. All of which is immediately accessible to your colleagues in the office.

Smart scheduling

Schedule appointments in no time. You can see appointments in an activity overview, as well as in the calendar. Linking an appointment to the relevant client or partner means you have all relevant information immediately at hand, including the location. Which can also be a different address. You can quickly find the route using your preferred navigation app by tapping the geomap inside the app.

Detailed sales follow-up

As an account manager, you naturally want to know how sales are doing. The mobile app supports you in following up sales, from quotation through to order processing. The relevant data is visible in full detail. So people can always tell you’re on top of things when you attend an appointment or take a phone call. You can track the current sales situation via the Sales Monitor and the Cockpit so you always have the latest figures on hand.

Mobile Relatiescherm
Mobile contactpersoon
Mobile afspraak
Mobile cockpit

With the Archie mobile app, you have unprecedented functionality at your disposal. It makes working on your phone just as easy and effective as being at the office.
You find a concise overview of the app’s features below.

Organizations and Contacts

Business relations
to which company does your contact belong?

see where your clients/prospects are located.

Linked documents
spreadsheets and presentations always at hand.

insight into interconnected relationships between organizations. 

Correspondence and linked emails 
all your contact moments in view.

Set up your own custom screens with extra info
easy overviews of the specific data that matters to you. 


Colleagues’ calendars 
know who’s doing what when. 

Link with Outlook 
your personal activities are kept in sync. 

easily note where your appointment is, wherever that may be.

save details of equipment and rooms needed fo your appointments.  

link sales to your appointments, so you know what’s happening with the client in question. 

notes and reports always easiliy accessible.  


comprehensive overviews and forecasts together in one place.  

view your proposals and orders down to the last detail. 

quick information snapshots (planning, sales, RSS feeds).

Sales Monitor
up-to-date daily, weekly and monthly overviews. 

link sales to your appointments, so you know what’s happeling with the client in question. 

by proposals, orders, sellers, types.