The myth that CRM is solely intended for large companies, or is exclusively a toy for sales and marketing departments, still lives within many companies. The difference between minimal relationship management and CRM is often not clear, and there is insufficient knowledge of the added value the latter can bring.


Archie CRM, deployable throughout the company


Microsoft Office is not CRM

Office offers many possibilities: labels can be printed using Word and the customer list is in Excel, so that part is also covered. For email addresses and calendars you’ve got Outlook, and the system administrator can create databases in Access if necessary. One for each department, so that each little island can keep track of its own information.

You can come a long way using the Office suite, but it eventually starts to crack under its own weight. CRM isn’t just about creating labels or sending emails. It is a strategy which, with the help of CRM software, offers clear benefits such as higher revenue, greater employee efficiency, and satisfied customers and partners.

Shared information and customer contact

How nice it is when the Customer Service department is up to date on the latest developments like quotes that have been issued, or has insight into the status of technical or other kinds of issues with the customer. This enables us to take proactive action to ensure customer satisfaction stays high.

This doesn’t just apply to departments that are in direct contact with customers, such as sales & marketing or customer services. Account managers and technicians can likewise be coordinated centrally while benefiting from the latest available information. This might include, for example, an email that thoroughly describes the problem, which makes it easier for the consultant to offer a solution. And an account manager merely has to check his smartphone to see if there have been any changes to a quotation. With CRM software, he or she will not be confronted with unexpected surprises during an appointment or consultation.

CRM software: widely deployable as standard

The standard version of Archie CRM is extensive enough to be used throughout an entire company. Specific modules can make maintaining customer relationships even more convenient and increase sales.

You can see at a glance when the last contact with a particular customer occurred and what it was about, when correspondence took place, or how a call to the helpdesk was resolved. In addition, extensive management reports provide insight into the status of, for example, revenue or marketing campaigns. It’s a powerful source of support for any department within the company.

In short, a CRM system ensures uniformity throughout the entire organization and guarantees up-to-date relationship and customer data. This gives a clear advantage over competitors who underestimate the importance of a good CRM strategy and a good CRM system.