As of May 25, 2018, virtually every organization is obliged to work in accordance with the new GDPR legislation. Personal data in databases has to be minimized to what is necessary for the organization to function properly. This therefore also has consequences for the personal data stored in Archie. That is why Archie Europe has developed a tool: the GDPR Helper. With this tool, you can ensure that the data in Archie complies with the GDPR.

Archie GDPR Helper

The GDPR Helper helps you make personal data in the Archie CRM database GDPR-compliant. Based on various criteria, you can choose which organizational and which personal data may and may not be retained, in accordance with your own GDPR Register of Processing Operations. You won’t have to make manual changes to your relationship database or use any complicated selection procedures. The tool also offers the option to show contact persons which of their details are recorded in Archie CRM (fulfilling their right of access).

People and organizations that should not be kept are temporarily put in quarantine. Authorized Archie users can still consult this data in Archie and, if necessary, remove it from quarantine or decide to permanently delete it.

You can run the GDPR Helper regularly to keep your database in good order and prevent contamination.


Archie GDPR workshop

Did you purchase the Archie GDPR Helper? Then you are entitled to take an Archie GDPR workshop. This workshop provides insight into how you can put your Archie database in order with the help of the Archie GDPR Helper. 

The workshop covers questions such as:

  • What should be in the Register of Processing Operations with regard to the Archie database?
  • How do you gain insight into the layout of your Archie database?
  • How can you use the Archie GDPR Helper to ensure that you are storing the correct data in Archie?

If you’d like to attend a workshop, be sure to sign up with Herwin Zweers or Diana Zwagerman (+31 299 411 800 or

Archie CRM and GDPR white paper

Would you like to know more about the GDPR? Download the white paper here. It discusses, among other things, the recording of organizational and personal data, retention periods, and accountability.